Founded in 2013, we work with values-based organizations who believe that employee development, effective leadership, and healthy workplace cultures go hand in hand with increased innovation, retention, productivity, and profit. 


We see a hunger for a new way of doing business: one that balances human values like integrity, courage, and empathy with business values like productivity, profit, and innovation. In fact, we believe that more and more, these two priorities go hand in hand.

We are moved when a leader harnesses the courage to examine their strengths and weaknesses, commit to their development, and learn to lead in more effective ways.

We are inspired when a new manager takes the risk of having that difficult conversation with a direct report—and the relationship is strengthened as a result. We see the potential when an employee sees "somebody else's problem" is something they can own and have some influence over—and takes the initiative to drive a better outcome.

And to be honest, we are deeply moved when a leader, manager, or employee we've been coaching or training takes a tool home and makes progress with something that's really been weighing on their hearts. Maybe they listen more deeply to their partner, or work out a conflict with their teenager. After all, work is important, but there are things that matter even more in life.

We love it when people rate our trainings highly. But what's even more important to us is that the mindsets and skills we teach lead to lasting changes in world-views and behaviors. That's where the real difference happens, and it is foundational to our approach.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to developing your people. We appreciate your consideration and hope to have the opportunity to learn more about your goals and see if we can help you advance them.

Thank you,

The People Piece team


“One of the better courses done so far in 22 years at work. Gotten feedback from boss and others that the change in me has been visible – in a good way.” 

– Manager of DFT Engineering at a mid-size company in the UK