3 Words That Will Help You Actually Keep Your 2018 Resolutions

Resolutions. Practices. Intentions. We all make them. But how many of us actually stick to them all year long? And what about the people we coach, develop, manage and collaborate with?

Many of us craft a variety of ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Yet we all know what happens to most of them. By February or March, our best intentions lie by the wayside as we revert back to our old habits. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Keep It Simple

Over dinner shortly after the new year began, a colleague reminded me that less is more. Yes, sometimes it’s important to have detailed action plans to drive behavior change for you and your teams, but we’re more likely to follow through with our intentions if we keep them simple.

This year, in addition to comprehensive plans for improvement, try boiling it all down to three words. Ask yourself:

Which three words best sum up my intentions, goals, and commitments for the new year?

For example, my 3 Words for 2018 are Presence, Authenticity, and Organic Growth. I’ll count that third one as one word ;)

Keep Yourself Accountable

Creating your list might be easier than you think. If you coach, manage, or support others, encourage them to find their own 3 Words. Then help them stay committed to acting on those words throughout the year.

Personally, I like to write my 3 Words on a sticky note (or 3) and keep them somewhere visible. I also often write my 3 Words out at the top of meeting agendas and to-do lists.

If you use a planner, you might want to write your 3 Words in the front pages. Wherever you put them, make sure your 3 Words stay visible. For even greater accountability, share them with your friends and colleagues. When you take time to reflect, meditate, or even go for a walk, imagine what it feels like to truly embody these words, at home and at work.

Keep Focused on Your Goals

We hope that your 3 Words help you focus on your goals for the new year, bringing you success and positive change.

Roni and The People Piece team

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What are your 3 Words?
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