Facilitator & Coach

Who we’re looking for:

You are:

  • A good balance of caring and get it done

  • Driven, passionate and organized

  • A great communicator with strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Able to juggle multiple projects at once

  • Great at managing and nurturing relationships

  • Flexible and able to jump in when needed (we’re good on the work-life balance front)

You are the kind of person who:

  • Loves being part of something

  • Plays really well with others

  • Has a positive outlook and sees the opportunity in challenge

  • Knows how to work with and rely on systems

  • Enjoys building cathedrals, not K-Marts

  • Goes for it and makes things happen

  • Loves to learn, and sometimes, stretch

What you’ll get working with us:

  • Authenticity, passion and purpose

  • Outstanding team members with top notch skills, high integrity, and big hearts

  • The chance to try new things

  • The opportunity to build and develop the function & the organization

  • Awesome clients doing great work in the world

  • Wear and manage multiple hats, at least while we’re still small ;)

  • The opportunity to grow personally and develop professionally

  • Flex time and working mainly from home (at least for now)

  • Travel the country, and sometimes, the world

What you won’t get working with us:

  • Politics or internal competition

  • 80-hour work weeks (or even 60)

  • A highly specialized role involving a few discrete & repetitive tasks

  • Lots of hand holding or micromanaging (support and some direction, yes)

  • Clients you just can’t get behind

  • Dishonesty / lack of integrity

This role will require you to:

Work with our programs team and growing stable of clients on a daily basis.

Discovery - 10%

  • Help to define high level client needs

  • Scope out the engagement in collaboration with other team members

  • Participate in team assessment debriefs

  • Conduct discovery calls and/or in-person meetings and focus groups, distill and summarize discovery results, and provide recommendations

Content Design - 15%

  • Consult on learning objectives for client engagements

  • Consult on content design and customization

  • Interface with the client on content design and direction

  • Play a role in helping teams and organizations define leadership and collaboration values and principles

  • Consult on and develop new training offerings

Training, Facilitation, & Coaching - 60%

  • Facilitate on-site and virtual trainings and sessions with clients. Topics include but are not limited to:

    • Communication skills including feedback, conflict negotiation and accountability

    • Emotional intelligence skills including listening, self management and relationship management

    • Management skills including delegation, motivation and coaching

    • Leadership skills including vision, change management, buy-in and purpose

    • Team cohesion and development

  • Facilitate 1:1 and group coaching sessions with teams and individual contributors to CEOs

  • Develop and facilitate senior leadership and team organizational strategy sessions

  • Work with The People Piece Program Coordinator to plan & ensure delivery logistics

  • If relevant, help lead trainings at public programs and conferences

Program Communications and Marketing - 5%

  • Produce content for pre and post session emails

  • Produce and deliver content to clients to foster learning, adoption and application in between sessions

Evaluation, Continuous Improvement, and Strategy - 5%

  • Work with Program Coordinator to ensure effective evaluation of each training session and client engagement

  • Participate in delivery debriefs with client with Program Director

  • Provide post-delivery recommendations to client (next steps)

  • Work with Administrative Assistant to periodically distill aggregate evaluation results, and provide recommendations for content improvement

  • Input on overall People Piece strategy

Planning, Team and Logistics - 5%

  • Map out and coordinate engagements with our Programs Coordinator Participate in team meetings and lunches

  • And the admin and planning stuff that’s part of every job ;)

* Percentages listed above are approximate aggregate time commitments - they will flex considerably based on the needs of the moment, week or client, and to some extent, on your skills and motivations.

Our ideal candidate will have the following:


  • 4+ years experience as a professional development trainer, facilitator, and coach 2+ years in instructional design

  • Experience facilitating, training and designing for corporate audiences

  • Coach certification with accredited coaching school/institution

Technical skills:

  • Tech savvy enough

  • Proficient in MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Familiar with Dropbox and G Suite: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.

  • We use ClickUp for project management and Slack for collaboration and communication

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills