Marketing Director / Consultant

What we’re looking for:

This opportunity allows you to truly understand our brand inside and out. You’ll have the unique opportunity to help us refine our marketing position as well as to further develop and execute our marketing strategy. You’ll leverage your marketing expertise to ensure that we have a strategic and competitive approach. Once we’ve established our marketing footing, you’ll head our marketing efforts and work with our team to execute them on a day to day basis.

Roles and responsibilities:

1. Refining our marketing strategy, positioning and core assets

  • Assess current TPP marketing strategy, positioning & collateral strengths and needs

  • Design marketing development plan

  • Produce marketing plan

  • Refine TPP positioning

  • Update brand

  • Refine collateral Website & SEO

2. Managing our marketing efforts

  • Manage and collaborate closely with sales and marketing operations lead

  • Develop quarterly goals and objectives

  • Develop, track and report on marketing metrics and plans

  • Oversee special marketing projects and campaigns

  • Oversee outreach to prospects in unique ways

  • Own marketing + editorial calendar

3. Executing our marketing efforts

  • Develop messaging for special marketing appeals

  • Get us interviewed on podcasts, speaking at events, featured in articles…

  • Take on select marketing farming accounts, special relationships + personal contacts

  • Create and edit blogs, digests + social media posts

  • Attend select events to network Identify attractive leads & research them accordingly

  • Set up & support training events & demos

  • Support TPP engagement groups (alumni, L&D leaders, etc)

  • Develop partnerships / identify potential alliances

  • Reach out to personal rolodex of corporate network contacts

  • Ensure sales proposals are properly branded and include correct messaging

  • Project manage / creative direct marketing & sales collateral

Our ideal candidate will have the following:

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to you – ideally a dream job – then keep reading! We need you to possess the following:

  • Experience building out and executing marketing strategy

  • Experience managing marketing activities

  • Experience developing brands and assets 5+ years in B2B and/or professional services marketing (talent / organization development ideal)

  • Strong leadership and self-organizational abilities

  • Tech savvy (from Dropbox to GSuite and all things in between)

  • Excellent written and verbal skills