We help values-based organizations to develop more effective leaders, managers, and teams through customized training and coaching programs that nurture healthy cultures, increase leadership capacity, and create workplaces where people innovate, collaborate, and go above and beyond. 

Customized solutions that fit
We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to learning and development. Since every organization, department and team is different, we get to know our clients and design and deliver coaching and training programs tailored to your unique culture and needs.

Emotionally intelligent programs
Employees can't relate to leaders and managers who are out of touch. Our trainers and coaches help your people develop the social and emotional skills they need to build healthy relationships, have difficult conversations, and lead in the modern workplace.

Top to bottom support
You have enough on your plate. From logistical support to run our courses and compelling marketing copy to help you sell them to comprehensive follow up and easy-to-access digital toolkits including all our training materials, we’re there from start to finish to make sure our programs succeed, without stretching you thin.


A Gallup poll of more than1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the #1 reason people quit their jobs was an ineffective manager or immediate supervisor. 

Training Programs

We train at all levels of organizations: executives, mid-level leaders, new managers, individual contributors, intact teams, and new college graduates just joining an organization.



Our expert coaches work with leaders and managers to assess strengths and weaknesses, practice essential skills and mindsets, and serve as sounding-board, partner and guide.


We teach critical leadership, management, and teamwork skills including: giving critical feedback, collaborating effectively, having difficult conversations, driving accountability, being strategic, navigating change, inspiring a vision, and more.

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“People Piece trainers are incredibly knowledgable and approachable. They did their homework to understand our organization, so they were fully equipped and accessible to speak our language and understand our culture."

– Jess P, HR manager, Whole Foods Market Northern California Region

Keep your best people around

The data is clear: employees don’t leave companies and jobs—they leave managers and leaders. We provide your people the skills they need to motivate, engage, develop, and retain your talent.

Among millennial employees who are likely to leave their employers within the next two years, 71% are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed. – Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016

Deepen your talent bench

Smart organizations seek to promote from within. We help you develop new managers, emerging leaders, and mid-level executives to make sure you can meet the needs of an evolving organization.

The US Department of Labor estimates that, on average, it costs one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace them.

Drive collaboration, engagement, and innovation

What does it take for teams to do their best work, and do it across functions and departments? We help your people own responsibilities, solve problems, and leverage the power of conflict to strengthen relationships, drive results, and produce greatness together.

Highly-engaged teams are 18% more productive and 12% more profitable than disengaged teams in the same organization. – Gallup Organization Q12 Survey


Be ready for change

We all know the saying: change is the only constant. Whether you are adapting to a transforming market or undergoing a significant merger, restructuring, or life stage transition—or want to be ready when change comes—we help your people prepare for change, make the most of its challenges, and develop the mindsets and skillsets they’ll need to operate in new environments.

Changes of any sort succeed or fail on the basis of whether the people affected do things differently. Do the employees let go of the old way of doing things, [effectively navigate] that difficult time between the old and the new, and come out doing things the new way? – Managing Transitions

"The People Piece training classes are very popular at our company because of their warm, safe and engaging teaching styles. You come away from their classes with a sense that the skills you just learned are practical and that your time was well spent.”

– HR manager, Austin-based mid-size technology company