How do you equip your leaders and managers to coach, develop and truly inspire their people for the highest levels of engagement and alignment? How do you breakdown silos between functions and develop team members that know how to collaborate, communicate and trust? How do you build cultures of feedback, purpose and ownership that drive the highest levels of innovation, efficiency, retention, impact and results, within and between teams?

We partner with values-based organizations to develop more effective leaders, managers, and teams through customized training and coaching programs that nurture healthy cultures, increase leadership capacity, and create workplaces where people innovate, collaborate, and go above and beyond.


Why Partner with The People Piece?

You are looking for a development solution that is tailored to your culture and the needs of your people, not off-the-shelf training. You are looking to truly drive impact and change behavior, not just check a box. You want a partner who truly gets to know you and your people, and connect with a new generation. You need a partner who follows through, delivers results and truly cares about your success.



We do in-depth homework and take our time to truly get to know you, your culture, and your needs, and design an approach that will work for you and your people. Say goodbye to canned content, out of touch facilitators, and one-and-done training houses. From our partnership developers and seamless operations team to our experienced strategists, designers and delivery team members, we focus your long-term success.



Instead of one-shot trainings that fail to stick, we design comprehensive development solutions that leverage a powerful mix of consulting, reinforcement and behavior-focused tools specifically tailored to your organization, its culture and its needs. That’s because your goal probably isn’t to run a training and be done with it – you want to drive real and lasting change. So do we.



We carefully select highly engaging and experienced trainers, coaches and facilitators who have mastered their specialties, truly practice what they preach, and excel at delivering the right solutions in the right way at the right time. These aren’t your parents’ management trainers – they are attuned, emotionally intelligent, and highly relatable to cross generational audiences.



We are real-world consultants, trainers and coaches who all have experience leading organizations, running teams, and driving results. We focus on concrete skills and highly practical tools that enable your people to drive real, on-the-ground change, and ensure new mindsets and behaviors stick through a tailored blend of follow-ups, toolkits, culture initiatives and leadership support.

"The People Piece training classes are very popular at our company because of their warm, safe and engaging teaching styles. You come away from their classes with a sense that the skills you just learned are practical and that your time was well spent.”

– HR manager, Austin-based mid-size technology company


The modern organization is interconnected.

We design and deliver comprehensive development that equips and aligns your people to be their best, continue to grow, and move the company forward in its evolution. From leadership and management to individual contributors and teams, our work engages all levels of the modern organization.



Effective leadership is central to the success of any organization, especially one that believes in something and is rooted in values. From directors and board members to CEOs and the C-Suite, we challenge, support and develop your leaders to bring their best selves to work, stay balanced, and lead their teams to greatness.

  • Comprehensive leadership development programs

  • Off-sites, consulting and working sessions

  • Training in coaching, difficult conversations, giving feedback and holding others accountable

  • People-centered change leadership and management

  • Leading with our hearts, being authentic, and staying balanced and focused amidst complexity



Teams are the heart of the modern organization. How do you breakdown silos between functions and develop team members that know how to collaborate, communicate and trust? We partner with you to develop aligned and high performing teams.

  • Comprehensive development programs and focused off-sites

  • Activities that build trust, empathy and team cohesion

  • Practice naming elephants and having authentic and sometimes difficult conversations

  • Training in effective collaboration + cross-cultural communication

  • Goal setting, action planning and mechanisms to drive accountability



Front-line managers have an outsized impact on employee engagement, productivity and retention. We open the eyes of new managers to their new responsibilities and help them learn - and practice - people management skills that go beyond the basics to deepen relationships and drive results.

  • Customized, comprehensive manager development programs

  • On-site and virtual skills training in driving motivation, giving feedback, resolving conflicts, driving accountability, and more

  • Advanced manager skills including thinking strategically, fostering buy-in, coaching for ownership, and setting team visions and values

  • Reinforcement through group coaching, follow up roundtables, email communications, and more

  • Customized assessments and digital toolkits


Individual Contributors

Individual contributors are the hands and feet of any organization, as well as its pool of future leaders. When employees learn to communicate, collaborate, resolve disagreements and hold each other accountable more effectively, productivity rises, efficiency increases, morale improves, and tensions, mistakes and escalation all plummet.

  • Virtual and on-site sessions, digital content, small groups and large events

  • Training in feedback, conflict resolution and accountability skills

  • Developing cross cultural communication skills

  • Identifying and developing high potentials for future leadership roles

  • Engaging employees in workplace improvement and culture change initiatives

Do any of these sound like programs that would benefit your organization?

Email us or schedule a time to connect and learn more about how our engaging, customized development solutions can help you and your people achieve their goals.


Organizations that prioritize comprehensive people development experience far higher rates of engagement, productivity, retention, innovation, and profitability.


Keep your best people around

The data is clear: employees don’t leave companies and jobs—they leave managers and leaders. We provide your people the skills they need to motivate, engage, develop, and retain your talent.

Among millennial employees who are likely to leave their employers within the next two years, 71% are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed. – Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016


Deepen your talent bench

Smart organizations seek to promote from within. We help you develop new managers, emerging leaders, and mid-level executives to make sure you can meet the needs of an evolving organization.

The US Department of Labor estimates that, on average, it costs one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace them.


Drive collaboration, engagement, and innovation

What does it take for teams to do their best work, and do it across functions and departments? We help your people own responsibilities, solve problems, and leverage the power of conflict to strengthen relationships, drive results, and produce greatness together.

Highly-engaged teams are 18% more productive and 12% more profitable than disengaged teams in the same organization. – Gallup Organization Q12 Survey


Be ready for change

We all know the saying: change is the only constant. Whether you are adapting to a transforming market or undergoing a significant merger, restructuring, or life stage transition—or want to be ready when change comes—we help your people prepare for change, make the most of its challenges, and develop the mindsets and skillsets they’ll need to operate in new environments.

Changes of any sort succeed or fail on the basis of whether the people affected do things differently. Do the employees let go of the old way of doing things, [effectively navigate] that difficult time between the old and the new, and come out doing things the new way? – Managing Transitions

"The People Piece training classes are very popular at our company because of their warm, safe and engaging teaching styles. You come away from their classes with a sense that the skills you just learned are practical and that your time was well spent.”

– HR manager, Austin-based mid-size technology company