Trainer and Programs Design Lead


At The People Piece, we partner with growing, values-driven organizations across the US, Europe and Asia to design and deliver highly engaging, tailored and innovative coaching, training and facilitation solutions that develop employees, managers, leaders, cultures and teams to be their best and drive results by embodying the highest levels of healthy communication, collaboration, relationships, accountability and trust. The result? Happier employees, better results, and the engagement, innovation, fulfillment and inspiration that come from being part of a truly great organization. 


We’re making a difference, and our client list is growing. We’ve had the pleasure of working with well-known brands like Pinterest, Whole Foods, Intuit and Dropbox, along with lesser known but equally great organizations like Cirrus Logic, Solar Mosaic, and the ClimateWorks foundation. They’re all united by their commitment to make a difference, achieve results and nurture great workplace cultures. We are looking for a talented, passionate and experienced Trainer & Program Design Lead to join our team this summer (2019) to help us continue our journey of creating positive impact and change in the organizations, leaders and teams we work with.


This is a unique opportunity that will give you the chance to impact our organization both internally and externally, from helping us develop and design content to delivering our content through training and coaching sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with both our programs team and our wonderful clients. You’ll leverage your experiences with clients as well as the feedback we receive to help us continuously improve our offerings and build out our offerings and strategy. 

Client Relationship Building & Discovery

  • Help to define high level client needs

  • Scope out engagements in collaboration with other team members

  • Develop discovery surveys and questionnaires

  • Conduct discovery calls and/or in-person meetings and focus groups

  • Distill and summarize discovery results; develop & provide recommendations

  • Participate in team assessment debriefs

Instructional Design & Content Development

  • Develop learning objectives for client engagements

  • Building out training and facilitation session speaker notes, slide decks, digital toolkits, worksheets and more

  • Produce content to foster learning, adoption and application in between sessions

  • Interface with clients on content design and direction

  • Consult on and develop new training offerings 

Training, Facilitation, & Coaching

  • Facilitate on-site and virtual trainings and sessions with clients. Topics include but are not limited to:

    • Communication skills including feedback, conflict negotiation and accountability

    • Emotional intelligence skills including listening, self-management and relationship management

    • Leadership, management, collaboration and team effectiveness skills

  • Facilitate 1:1 and group coaching sessions with managers, teams and individual contributors

  • If relevant, help lead trainings at public programs and conferences

Program Planning, Evaluation & Communications

  • Map out and coordinate engagements with our Program Manager and Program Director

  • Produce content for program communications and pre/post session emails

  • Work with Program Manager to ensure effective evaluation of each training session and client engagement

  • Participate in delivery debriefs with client with Program Director

  • Provide post-delivery recommendations to client

  • Work with our admin to periodically distill aggregate evaluation results, and provide recommendation for content and delivery improvement

Business Development & Public Events

  • Participate in calls and Zooms with prospective clients (guided by our biz dev team)

  • Support collaborative development of client proposals (provide input to our sales team)

  • Attend select networking and educational events (supported by our marketing team)

  • Produce content for our blog & LinkedIn (supported by our marketing team)

Planning & Team Meetings

  • Participate in team meetings and extended strategy, cohesion, and planning sessions

  • And the admin and planning stuff that’s part of every job ;)


Experience and Expertise:

  • 4+ years of training as a professional development trainer, facilitator and/or coach

  • 2+ years in instructional design, or experience developing trainings and presentations

  • Digital design learning experience a plus

  • Experience working with late-stage startups and in corporate environments preferred

  • Strong leadership and self-organizational abilities

  • Tech savvy (from Dropbox to GSuite and all things in between)

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

You are:

  • A good balance of caring and get it done

  • Driven, passionate and organized

  • A great communicator with strong written and verbal communication skills 

  • Able to juggle multiple projects at once

  • Great at managing and nurturing relationships

  • Flexible and able to jump in when needed

You are the kind of person who:

  • Loves being part of something

  • Plays well with others

  • Has a positive outlook and sees the opportunity in challenge

  • Knows how to work with and rely on systems

  • Enjoys building cathedrals, not K-Marts

  • Goes for it and makes things happen

  • Loves to learn, and sometimes, stretch

What you’ll get working with us:

We stand for a human workplace. You will work with a team of people committed to integrity, kindness, collaboration and respect. You will work mainly from home with regular (generally 3-6 days per month) travel, including to international locations. You will enjoy some flexibility in your schedule along with 15 holidays per year and time off when you need it:

  • Authenticity, passion and purpose

  • Outstanding team members with top notch skills, high integrity, and big hearts 

  • The chance to try new things, and to build and develop your function and our organization 

  • Awesome clients doing great work in the world

  • The opportunity to grow personally and develop professionally

What you won’t get working with us:

  • Politics or internal competition

  • 80-hour work weeks (or even 60)

  • A highly specialized role involving a few discreet & repetitive tasks 

  • Lots of handholding or micromanaging (support and some direction, yes) 

  • Dishonesty, lack of integrity, or clients you just can’t get behind


This is a full-time position requiring a minimum 2 years commitment. If this sounds like your dream job, please visit our online application submission form below to apply. Tell us why you want to work with us, describe your relevant experience and skills, and explain what you think you could bring to our organization and this role. We’re not just looking for someone who wants a job – we’re looking for someone passionate who believes in what we do and wants to make a difference for a small yet growing organization. If this position isn’t right for you but you have a friend in mind who might be the perfect fit, please do pass this posting along.