3 Great Culture and Development Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Think “HR event” and you might think, “Snoozefest.”

Well the times they have a’ changed.

From higher trust and more diverse workplaces to strategies for developing young employees and creating more human-centered cultures, the next few months feature events we can’t wait to attend. (Yeah, we’re culture and development geeks for sure - and maybe so are you? ;)

Join peers to enhance your understanding, leave with actionable tools, and return to your organization with inspiration and fresh ideas. Most events also get you professional development credit for attending.


Great Place to Work For All
February 26 - 28, San Francisco
2019 Summit

We love Great Place to Work and their annual Best Companies to Work For list. Their annual summit draws more than 1,300 business leaders, HR professionals, and talent development partners like The People Piece for 3 days of learning, connection and inspiration. From the website: “We’ll give you the tools you need to lead change through people strategy, manage your team more effectively, drive business results and increase innovation at your organization, no matter the size or industry.”

Look out for The People Piece team on Wednesday the 27th, and click here for a $300 discount off the regular conference rate. Wednesday evening features a social event with GRAMMY® Award-winning singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor.


May 6 - 7, San Francisco
A Conference for University Recruiters and Developers of Early Talent

The crew at URX is pushing boundaries with creative new strategies for university recruiters and early talent developers. Join peers, industry veterans, and talent leaders at their third annual conference to gain the inspiration, knowledge, and connections that are the fuel behind every successful early career & development program, and learn how to provide development opportunities that drive engagement and retention. You can click here to learn more and register.


Culture Summit
June 25 - 27, San Francisco
A Conference for Culture Champions

You probably agree with the old management adage: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Thankfully, there is a lot happening on the culture front these days, and Culture Summit brings it all together under one roof. From the website: “Culture Summit is a cross-functional, cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders, and culture champions from all over the world to share insights and best practices on building and transforming culture in the workplace. If you are tired of hearing about perks and want to learn how to build strategic initiatives and programs that get results, this is the place for you.”

The event is also committed to the 50/50 pledge, where women’s and men's voices will be equally heard. Right on.

We hope to see you soon at a culture and development event! As always, schedule a time to connect with us if you want to learn more about how our customized, values-based leadership, management and team development solutions can help your growing organization.

Roni Krouzman