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Value: No one has greater impact on culture than a company’s leaders. Yet many leaders find themselves in this critical position of influence without any training or coaching support. Effective leadership comprises specific skills, mindsets, and tools that can benefit the leadership team at any stage of a company’s development.

Approach: We leverage a potent mix of events, training, coaching, and action-based learning to customize programs uniquely suited to your leaders and their goals. Leaders emerge feeling more confident, aware, and equipped to inspire, empower, and guide through change.

Programs: Leadership Summits and Keynotes; Values-Based Leadership; Coaching for Alignment, Ownership, and Empowerment; Change Leadership


Value: Executive teams are a critical factor in every organization’s success. At small and mid-sized companies, executives have an outsize influence on company culture, values, retention, and morale. If your executives aren’t aligned, accountable, and walking their talk, everyone will feel it and the business will suffer.

Approach: We get to know your leadership team in order to design and deliver custom programs and experiences that foster accountability, cohesion, alignment, and trust among your company’s executives - and help them be better leaders for all.

Programs: Executive Coaching; Executive Offsites; High-Trust Executive Teams; Executive Development


Value: To perform at the highest level, today’s managers, directors, and executives leverage the personalized attention, outside perspective, and industry expertise of seasoned coaches who help leaders increase self-awareness, think through challenges, reduce stress levels, and be their best.

Approach: Our experienced coaches tailor programs that help unleash the potential of leaders, managers, groups, and teams. We also teach leaders, managers, and HR teams how to be better individual and group coaches, and we incorporate individual and group coaching into the comprehensive manager and leadership development programs described throughout our website.

Programs: Individual Coaching; Group and Team Coaching; Learn to Coach


Value: An organization’s high potential employees are the foundation of its future. Successful businesses offer up-andcoming “stars” a clear career trajectory - and the support they need to evolve into the next generation of managers and leaders, deepening their leadership bench, building bandwidth and resilience, and ensuring effective succession.

Approach: We help you discover and develop your high potentials, and empower employee leaders to drive positive change enterprise-wide.

Programs: Discover Your High Potentials; Develop Your High Potentials; Empower Employee Leaders


Value: The greatest driver of employee retention, engagement, productivity, and happiness is effective management. From motivating employees and generating buy-in to giving critical feedback, working out disagreements, and holding others accountable, effective managers need to master the practical skills it takes to bring out the best in every employee.

Approach: We customize manager development programs to address your unique people and culture. Our trainers and coaches equip new and seasoned managers with tools and competencies to lead results-focused teams with high rates of productivity, engagement, and retention.

Programs: New Manager Development; Manager Fundamentals; Motivation and Engagement; Feedback, Conflict and Accountability


Value: Relationships with coworkers are often one of the best parts of our jobs. Yet they can also be some of the most stressful. Employees, managers, and teams that master the art of effective communication minimize tensions, resolve conflicts constructively, and generate alignment toward common goals.

Approach: We equip employees, managers, leaders, and teams with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and hold each other accountable so they can get more done, enjoy a better experience at work, and grow and develop as the company evolves.

Programs: Mastering Difficult Conversations; Giving Feedback; Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication; Leveraging Conflict; Driving Accountability; Listening for Understanding


Value: Effective teamwork fosters more engaged and productive employees, improves organizational culture, and boosts the bottom line. Organizations that deliberately focus on building team cohesion and cultivating collaboration are more creative and productive, waste less time, experience less stress ... and are the most successful in the long run.

Approach: We believe equipping teams to succeed is one of the most important things a company focused on engagement, retention, and results can do. Our strategists and facilitators partner with your groups and teams to build the trust, skills, and new behaviors that result in more successful, happier, more productive, and more innovative teams.

Programs: The High-Functioning Team; The High-Trust Team; The Values-Based Team; Authentic Conversations; The High-Ownership Team; Building Cohesion and Collaboration on Global and Remote Teams


Value: Even the best laid strategic and operational plans won’t go far without a culture of engagement, ownership, innovation, and integrity, especially during times of growth and change. Successful teams and organizations define clear values, nurture intentional culture, and focus on continuously improving.

Approach: Our strategists and facilitators coach your leaders, groups, and teams to actively build a collaborative and supportive work culture that attracts and engages the most qualified talent. We help you better understand your organization, define a potent vision for where you want it to be, and work with you to develop and implement strategies that help you evolve.

Programs: Define Values and Behaviors; Creating Intentional Culture; Fostering Employee Engagement; Building Great Teams


Value: As a Learning and Development or HR professional at a values-based company, you seek the best programs for your people and teams. You also need to operate within budget and business constraints while encouraging leaders to get on board with your efforts.

Approach: We partner with Learning and Development and HR teams to build internal cohesion, design effective strategies, and deliver programs that have a real impact on people and culture. We also help you assess and communicate program efficacy to garner internal support.

Programs: Aligning Your HR Team; Designing High-Impact Development Strategies; Winning Support for Your Programs


Value: Today’s learners want easy-to-access, digital tools at their disposal. Effective people development equips adult learners with practical resources they can use whenever they need them.

Approach: We customize values-aligned leadership and management toolkits, reference guides, worksheets, and more that drive skill application and self-driven, continuous learning through relevant, accessible, and easy-to-use resources.

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